This is a romantic comedy and everyday life about 2 girls that meet each other when one moves into the apartment complex where the other one is already living. One gets instant crush on the other and it'll be her adventure on getting her heart.

Looking to be with her platonic love Atenea, Shin joins an Alchemy class without even know what that word means. Now she'll have to go through this difficult class, with a demanding teacher and some very annoying classmates in order to be with her. Will she make it?

Miller, a Celestial and Ajira, a Demon are collectors working for the C23. A secret Agency established among humans that cleanse the Souls of the Dead from the mundane world. One evening, Miller, while doing her favorite activity (feeding stray kittens), gets the attention of Chloe, a biochemistry student working for the Biotonin Academy Campus. This meeting will feed Ajira's explosive jealousy...and a jealous Demon is a dangerous Demon.


Aya and Hazel are business partners that have a private security business called 9mm Girls, where they provide bodyguard and surveillance services and they're damn good at it. But one day, they get into this job that turns out to be more than they can chew. Demons attack their current client and things end bad. They're getting involved in some paranormal shit and they'll have to learn how to manage. Now is " Adapt or get killed. "
Will they become demon hunters? or befriend them?
Maybe a bit of both...


You're the new rookie in town and you're already dealing with a heavy case. Multiple people are missing in the dark megalopolis of Skyline City. It seems that the supernatural and corruption are intimately connected to your investigation.
No time for coffee and donuts, the clock is ticking and you have strange individuals to question, shady places to explore and a life changing decision to take!
9mm Girls The Visual Novel is a LGBTQ+ urban fantasy/action project produced by the duo Soliko6 The project focuses on the relations between you (the player) and complex characters while following an intricate storyline taking place in the dark megalopolis of Skyline City.Your choices through the game will impact the ending but also the bonds you wish to build with the characters.